Granada, Nicaragua. Reason #5! Boat rides with monkeys.

Actually the monkey was a real meanie. I brought him strawberry cookies, but of course after that he wanted my own personal stash of chocolate cookies. Your boat ride will take you for about an hour amongst Las Isletas, the 350 tiny islands just off Granada’s shores. By “tiny” I mean some of them have just one house on them and that’s it. Imagine having your own little island on Lake Nicaragua. For rich people, this is of course an option. Super-wealthy expats and Nicaraguans live on the islands.

This is of course the downside with any city in the world. The glaring dichotomy of rich and poor. What can you do.

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One Comment on “Granada, Nicaragua. Reason #5! Boat rides with monkeys.”

  1. Karen September 23, 2011 at 20:34 #

    Lovely there…only downside is you would have to have a boat to get to the mainland. I am so directionally challenged I would be beggin for food in those trees before long:)

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