Granada, Nicaragua. Reason #2! Tropical-colored churches…

Convento e Iglesia de San Francisco was my favorite, not only because of its cool facade– from far away it looks white and when you get closer you realize it is light blue, but also because of the view AND the attached city of Granada museum containing archaeological finds from Isla Zapatera on Lake Nicaragua dating from around 1000 AD.

Now look closer for the light blue:

The museum was too cool.

Most of the relics were human figures with some sort of animal attributes, like this seated guy / caiman dude.

I love churches in Latin America, because you never forget you are getting closer to the equator. Apparently Granada is hot, hot, hot year round. Check out the church’s inner courtyard:

I also mentioned the view from the front of Iglesia San Francisco. San Fran is on the left. To the right is La Catedral situated on Parque Central.

The yellow church is gorgeous– I became obsessive about photographing it. Here’s the typical view:

You feel like you’re in Europe, don’t you? Only it’s better, because you have some nice hot weather!

But this is the view you want below. I mean, you came all that way–

Notice Lago de Nicaragua in the background.

How do you get this view? You scamper a few blocks up to Iglesia de La Merced.

You pay the caretaker 20 cordobas (US $1) to climb the bell tower. You get a 360 of the entire city.

And you can spy on daily Nicaraguan life from your perch.

It’s also worth it to hop up a few more blocks to check out the gorgeous paint job on Iglesia Xalteva. Granada is a colorful tropical city, except you’re on a huge lake, not the ocean.

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One Comment on “Granada, Nicaragua. Reason #2! Tropical-colored churches…”

  1. Karen July 15, 2011 at 19:10 #

    Fabulous Pix!!! I didn’t get any near as good as these…thanks for sharing. Granada is a special city…;-)

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