Indian Nose: Finally something worth seeing and doing on Lago Atitlan in the foggy rain season.

I was saying there isn´t much to do in Panajachel after you have strolled alongside the vendors´ stands and checked out some of the trendier restaurants. I also mentioned how I couldn´t see from one side of the lake to the other. In the attempt to remedy this problem, I took the 25-minute lancha ride (small covered boat, very bumpy, you get whiplash the whole way, sit towards the back!) over to San Pedro, which seemed to be a more popular town anyway.

Here was my view of the lake from San Pedro–

It was exactly how it looked from Pana as well. I guess a clear view just wasn´t in the cards.

While I was never able to get a satisfying view of Lago Atitlan, which apparently is gorgeous at other times of the year, I decided to hike up Indian Nose to see if I could get a view of, well, anything at all.

This picture turned out pretty cool. Apparently this hill gets pretty busy leading up to Easter time.

Some of the terrain I hiked up was unlike the landscape in hikes I have done in the US and Africa.

There wasn´t much of a view from the top (of course). Luckily, on my way down, it cleared up, and now you can see why it´s called the Indian Nose. You have to look at it as if you imagine the chief has his head tilted back. I heard that sometimes on the full moon, the gaping eye socket becomes full as the moon passes through the gap like an eyeball.

I also had great company. I hiked with these two girls. Interestingly enough, they were both named Kathleen, so that was easy to keep track of.

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