So that´s what it looks like behind a waterfall

Believe it or not, it just about almost wasn´t worth it to hike out to Los Siete Altares in Livingston, Guatemala, on the Caribbean coast. In Placencia, Belize, I ran into my friend Anoosh, a girl I had met on Caye Caulker. We took the boat ride together from Punta Gorda to Livingston and stayed at Casa de la Iguana, owned by this cool guy Rusty from the UK. My tent flooded at 5am, thank you very much Guatemala at the beginning of rainy season.

While my tent dried, we hiked 2 full hours down this polluted beach, which is the only way to get to Los Siete Altares — 7 freshwater pools and waterfalls — if you don´t hire a boat. I must stress that walking this beach was one of the biggest biohazards of my life– Shane and I hiked around Port-au-Prince after the quake, and that was actually cleaner. I can´t even begin to tell you some of the stuff that lapped around our ankels as Anoosh and I tramped down the beach.

After what seems like an eternity in a landfill, we showed up at a national park-esque sort of set up where we paid an entry fee. It was something cheap approx 15 quetzales I think– 7.5 Q to a dollar.

Then the fun actually starts– you pull oneself along some ropes across the first pool–

Then you can hop around some rocks like Bear Grylls for a while–

DO NOT use the trees as potential hand holds. I almost stuck my hand right on this guy–

Eventually you get past the fauna and flora obstacles, and you can enjoy the view from the other side–

Well, I´m running out of Internet time– next time I will upload, if possible, this cool video this British guy Clive took. I was kind enough to loan him my camera as he climbed up a cliff, threw himself down the waterfall, and recorded the jump on the way down. Both camera and Clive survived to tell the tale. I will need a good internet connection though to upload that one.

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