Yoga on Caye Caulker at sunset

Just a quick several lines about the coolest place I have done yoga so far. My friend Elyse from Vancouver joined me for some yoga on the rooftop of one of Caye Caulker’s hotels at sunset. Jessie from Indiana lives on Caye Caulker half the year and was our teacher. Thanks to my Caye Caulker rooftop class, I finally understand what “sun salutation” means. The class was “donations appreciated” but had no official cost.

Class started at 5:30 and ended with the sunset. If you leave me a comment, I can give you more specific directions about how to find Jessie on Front Street. (Keep in mind there is only Front Street, Middle Street, and Back Street.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures from the actual yoga class (because we were busy yoga-ing), but Elyse and I did yoga together another night, and the pictures came out great. We were on the back dock of Bella’s Backpackers where we were staying.

One Comment on “Yoga on Caye Caulker at sunset”

  1. Karen May 14, 2011 at 16:59 #

    The sunset pic is just gorgeous!!!!

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