Mario’s boat, the animals, and his coral scrape remedies

This was my happy face snorkeling with Mario’s boat:

That is, until I managed to be the only person of the day to scrape up against some razor sharp coral:

I was wondering if my blood driplets leaching out into the water would be an issue for Mr. Barracuda:

Or Miss Nurse Shark:

Or Mr. Sting Ray and Co.:

Green Mr. Moray Eel was more interested in the fish than in me, anyways.

Luckily the animals seemed to be used to humans swimming around. In any case, they weren’t hungry.

If you ever make it to Caye Caulker and get out on Mario’s boat, he’s hysterical. He was so tickled the whole time about how worried I was about my bleeding leg. He’s the nicest guy ever, and when we were done, he poured vinegar on my coral wound. He said I should be thankful that he had vinegar on board to clean out the coral, because otherwise someone would have had to have peed on me. Thanks to his preparedness and ocean animal and plant life expertise, it never came to that.

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One Comment on “Mario’s boat, the animals, and his coral scrape remedies”

  1. Karen May 7, 2011 at 18:57 #

    This is one of the most beautiful places to snorkle. Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Roatan Reef and Oahu are my other favs…so far!!!!

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