Palm trees and my friend outside my tent

I got this picture around 7am. The fishermen were casting their lines out near “the Split”– where a hurricane (a long time ago) tore the island into two halves.

There are also these cool “fan palms” all over the island. This one is in my camp site:

By the way, that’s not my tent. My tent is more to the right. I’m staying at Bella’s Backpackers. $5 US per night, but the guy mentioned something about a “volunteer discount,” so we’ll see.

Well, I wouldn’t exactly call this guy my friend. He’s my friend in the sense that he never leaves my side. Apparently his name is Gary, so I hear. He terrifies me all night long, scurrying in circles around my tent, clicking his claws at me. Last night I shrieked and threw a book in the general direction of where he was. That quieted him down for about .2 seconds.

Didn’t have time to crop the photo, but you can see just how big he is in the picture if you zoom in.

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One Comment on “Palm trees and my friend outside my tent”

  1. Karen May 6, 2011 at 15:59 #

    That is one of the perks of being older. I can NOT do this to enjoy the palm trees and it is cool because I’m old! =)

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