Sunday afternoon at Great Falls Park, VA

After a week filled with days of heavy rain and flood warnings, Shane and I went with his family (along with every other family in northern VA) to check out the water level at Great Falls on the Potomac. Notice in the picture that I brought along our “Passport to Your National Parks” booklets so that we could get our stamps.

Here is a video I took of the falls at high capacity:

However, the water is still contained. We saw this totem pole type thing that marks where the water level has risen to record highs in the past:

We even had a wildlife sighting. Initially I thought this guy was a beaver, but I saw his tail, and he was definitely not a beaver. I wonder what he was:

Although it was annoying that the parking lot was so crowded, it’s good to see that people are getting out with their families to take pictures of the falls and walk around outside.

If you don’t have a national park pass or a season pass to the falls, it’s $5 per car.


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