Scenes from Busy African Towns

The other day I was watching The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency HBO / BBC series on DVD. I have just started watching this series about Alexander McCall Smith’s book series of the same name. I’m currently reading #8 of 11. I think it’s 11 total right now, but new books of his seem to keep popping up. I love them.

Unfortunately they have only filmed seven episodes, and the show has been canceled. Maybe because the action in the show is quite slow. But the scenery is beautiful.

I’m loving the DVDs, number one, because they’re actually filmed in Botswana where the action in the books take place. Number two, the viewer can get a feel for what a busy day in an African town might be like. Throughout the several montages, I was reminded of certain sights I saw in Africa while on a road trip.

Lesotho was a busy place– in Pitseng, in Malealea, and on the road to the Katse Dam.

I watched this lady attacking the buses for about a half hour. After a certain point I had to stop watching, because I felt tired just imagining how tired she must have been. Imagine selling snacks leaning up into tall buses all day long…

Everyone is busy with chores.

Even the kids were busy asking for “Simba chips” on our way up through the mountain passes to the Katse Dam.

A few hours later a boy checked in to see if we needed a cow. Maybe some other time; there was no way we were going to fit a cow into our Kia Picanto rental.

It was an overall busy day for the children of Lesotho. These little critters showed off their wares for sale.

Most of the action centered around getting from one place to another. Either on a big bus:

Or on horseback:

Or on foot:

I’d love to go back. Watching Americans fill up SUVs with plastic grocery bags at large supermarket chains is not nearly as inspirational.

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