1 Year Later: Thinking about Haiti

Exactly one year ago, I was in Haiti volunteering in a hospital. It was perhaps the most meaningful and most simple time of my life. Life was simple, because I slept in my tent and ate oatmeal. I added milk to my oatmeal if the milk was not sour. If the milk was sour on a particular day I did not add milk. I showered when there was running water, and when there wasn’t running water, I simply didn’t shower. It was the most meaningful time for me, because I had a clear mission– even though I am just one small person, every day I did as much as I could to be a helpful and significant contributor to the Haitian recovery effort.

Today in February 2011 as I spent time thinking back on February 2010, I realized that I have some posts about Haiti on my old blog that I have not yet shared with everyone here on this site.

Here is a post I wrote early this year on January 2nd called “2010.” Enjoy:

Since 2010 wrapped up, we’ve all noticed how our favorite blogs, magazines, and other sources of pertinent cultural information have proliferated various “best of 2010” photos in an effort to recap those events that hold the most significance.

As I reviewed my very own photos, many of them held more meaning for me than others. For example, shark cage diving was awesome, but it didn’t affect me as much as visiting impoverished neighborhoods in Africa. Though I had numerous significant experiences in 2010, the one that affected my perspective on life the most was my month in Haiti. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I have chosen to highlight. I have already shown some of my favorite photos from Haiti to friends over the past year, but here are some other ones I have not shown yet to anyone. The captions offer insights and observations I picked up on this year.

Also keep in mind that the January 12th one-year anniversary of the quake is approaching.

1. The show must go on. This lady continues to tend her stand, and her children continue playing regardless of … well… everything.

2. I’m not sure there’s anything this caption can say that his face can’t.

3. Shane has never been one to sit home on the couch.

4. You will ALWAYS find out you have something in common with others, no matter where you are. Shane, the poster child for boy scouts of America, takes a picture with members of Haiti’s equivalent organization for boys and girls. He’s an Eagle Scout.

5. I took this unlikely picture in the middle of rubble-strewn Port-au-Prince.

I can only hope that 2011 will hold as many meaningful moments and opportunities for learning and helping.

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