Fake Deer (?) and other Strange Sights on Mount Harney

I got a lot of good feedback about yesterday’s post regarding sights at US national parks that look as if they were something one would find on other planets, not on Earth. It seems readers like to hear about weird and unusual stuff.

Following up on that theme, I have some remarkable pictures from Mount Harney. Also referred to as Harney Peak, this mountain is the highest point in South Dakota at 7,244 feet. I didn’t like climbing this mountain, to be completely honest. Shane and I went to the top of this mountain in September, and there was all this crazy snow, I had eaten something gross for dinner the night before– campers’ favorites like greasy chili and too many chocolate bars, and it was oh so cold at the top.

Despite the fact that I was slipping and sliding all along the edges of the trail, I would love to climb Harney again during the summer if the opportunity were to ever present itself again. Every hiker has an “off” day every now and then, you know, one of those days where you just want to eat more and more chocolate on top of the too much you already ate.

In addition to the irksome piles of snow that would drop off the tree branches hanging over the trail and land rudely on top of my head, I was so weirded out by these deer. They were being rude, just standing there, gawking at me with snow on my head and a frozen tip of my nose. When I looked at the photo later, they look as if a taxidermist had already gotten to them:

Their eyes are so creepy!

Even this photo seems surreal to me. It’s like seeing yourself in a dream sequence:

Things only got weirder and weirder. The colder and more tired I got, I got this strange feeling that there was a shark following me. Yes, a shark:

Most people blame weird sensations and unpleasant atmospheres on the moon itself. That day on Mount Harney, I blamed it on the sky:


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