An Accidental Masterpiece

When we were living in his car, Shane and I visited his friend Amorin in Ashland, Wisconsin, a tiny town on the southern shores of Lake Superior in the Chequamegon Bay. We spent a whole week in this area– Amorin’s friend took us on a sailboat ride on the lake for camping on the Apostle Islands, we helped build a friend’s straw bale house, and one afternoon Amorin took us to visit the Bad River Band Native American reservation on Lake Superior’s shores.

Amorin teaches after school programs to the kids, and several girls especially, about ten years old, were so happy that I had come to play with them. They wanted to braid my hair and talk about lip gloss, and they commandeered my entire attention and dragged me by both wrists over to the swing set… where I proceeded to push their little sisters back and forth on the swings without a break for the next two hours. We chit chatted, but the girls managed to distract me and took off with my camera while I played with the littler ones.

When it was time to leave, a girl trotted up to me and shouted, “Don’t forget your camera.” I had indeed forgotten.

On the way back to Amorin’s house in the car, I looked through the pictures the girls had snapped. This precious picture was the last in the bunch– the girls unwittingly captured their heritage’s connection to Nature on camera.

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