Twin Toilets in Chinatown

I know I have never blogged a picture of a toilet bowl before. Not only have I never blogged a photo of one toilet bowl before, I’m also pretty sure that I’ve never blogged a photo of two side-by-side toilet bowls before. No, not a toilet with a bidet alongside, but two freestanding toilets. Last night I had dinner at Momiji in Chinatown, Washington, DC. The sushi was good, but that’s beside the point.

So as we’re getting ready to leave, I decide to use the facilities before the 95-minute drive back to Reston, VA, a convenient twenty miles away… I know I’ve mentioned the DC metropolitan area traffic patterns previously. One’s life is drab without travel, and since I have not been traveling as much as I would like, this spectacle amused me for far longer than it should have:

I stood there for a good sixty seconds just choosing which one I wanted to grace with my presence. After finally making my selection (the left one– I felt safe and cozy nestled a bit farther back in that quasi-corner), I thought about how much this toilet arrangement could actually come in handy. Most women can think of several instances of going into a bathroom with a friend. This usually happens at a concert or a club in situations with long lines where there is only one toilet to accommodate way too many people during intermissions and such. I thought back to a recent situation where a friend and I went into the bathroom at the same time, and we awkwardly carried on our conversation while one person used the toilet and the other person stood facing the door.

Apparently at Momiji there is no need for this kind of awkwardness, thanks to the twin toilets. I can only conclude from the arrangement that the toilets exist in order to serve as conversation facilitators. At this restaurant, women are able to continue their dinner conversation without interruption from the table, up the stairs, to being seated side by side on the twin toilets. As I came back downstairs, my friend passed me on her way up. When she got back to the table, we shared our insight that in the future, the trip to the restroom is something we can take care of together, and that way the gentlemen only have to wait half as long for us to get ready to leave.

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