The Birds of West Coast National Park, Langebaan, South Africa

This post is for Karen… and bird lovers!

Visiting West Coast National Park one hour north of Cape Town, South Africa, is like going on an African safari without the “Big 5.” You see everything but the lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and buffalos. I spotted caracal, wildebeest, bontebok, springbok, and zebra. Here is a wildebeest:

And some zebras:

You can also take a look at my photo of the bontebok from a previous post on the original version of my blog:

Here’s an awesome hill I photographed. Yes, a hill. I bothered to take a picture of a hill after sitting in an airplane for 24 hours to get over there, because it looks like the hill in level 1 of the original Mario Bros. game where if you jump into midair there is that secret extra life that pops out. I’m talking about the Mario game that had the black controller, its border was grey, and it had the two red buttons on the right.

In the midst of all the great wildlife and gnarly hills, I noticed this little guy (a weaver) noticing me:

Once he got bored of watching me photograph him, he readied himself for takeoff:

That is, until his old lady started nagging him. He didn’t really hear what she was saying, as he wasn’t really paying attention, but it probably had something to do with balancing the checkbook:

It was starting to get awkward, watching someone else’s domestic dispute. Luckily some guinea fowl scuttling by provided some much-need distraction:

I still can’t believe my Nikon Coolpix S630 managed to pick up on that kind of detail in the feathers.

While Mr. Weaver’s flight was delayed, this guy managed to take off unimpeded along the water’s edge. There was nothing the Cape gull could say about it.

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One Comment on “The Birds of West Coast National Park, Langebaan, South Africa”

  1. Karen January 20, 2011 at 13:38 #

    This is beautiful. Your pictures tell one story and your words entwine so that it is like the play of the violin and the piano in a concerto! Nicely done…

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