The American White Pelicans Living at the Salton Sea…

… might be in trouble (along with the fish!). No, they haven’t been late paying rent, it’s just that the Salton Sea is evaporating at a rate of approximately 450 million gallons each year. I was reading about this in the news the other day:

When I saw this article from Jan. 16th, “the Salton Sea,” rang a bell. I’ve never been to the Great Salt Lake in Utah, but I have been to the Salton Sea in southern California in Imperial County. The Salton Sea is the largest lake in California, is less than an hour driving from the Mexican border, and is saltier than the Pacific Ocean but less so as compared to the Great Salt Lake. I found all this info on Wikipedia, obviously:

Apparently California decided that a lot of water that supplies San Diego should come from the Salton Sea. Unfortunately the amount of water that refills the lake each year can’t keep up with the amount of water that leaves the lake to be used in cities (and this is on top of the amount evaporating naturally). When I visited there were heaps of dead fish ringing the salty border of the lake. I hope that legislators come up with a solution to keep this lake full, so that the images of the dead fish (due to the rapidly receding water line) don’t outnumber the sorts of lively wildlife images I collected on my visit. I visited the part of the lake that is two miles from Niland, CA, where Slab City is.

The water is certainly brackish:

But it looks like a great living space for the pelicans:

I read that 30% of all American White Pelicans live at the Salton Sea. They look happy there, and I hope it can stay that way.

Wikipedia also informs me that the lake is also coincidentally located directly above the San Andreas fault. Perhaps this explains the other recent pieces of news coming from the Imperial valley in late December regarding small earthquakes.

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