Snow day!

Fairfax County closed public schools today due to a snow dusting. On my day off, I decided I could be a little more mature about the snow and cold weather, instead of dreaming of beaches or Arizona like I usually do. I’m actually happy about the snow today, because it is Ruby’s favorite weather. While on our 256-day road trip, she enjoyed some “real snow” near Moab, Utah, and got to play her favorite game “where’s Ruby?” It’s remarkable how well she blends in with these trees. All the photos in the post were taken by Shane Young, and the reason is simple. When I see snow, I pull the covers up over my head, hunker down, hibernate, and wait for any day when the mercury gets above 65; when Shane sees snow, he thinks it’s beautiful and pulls out the camera. I get grouchy, and he gets masterpieces like these:

photo by Shane Young

photo by Shane Young

She’s actually there in the middle of the picture.

photo by Shane Young

She generally emerges from her hiding places with this amount of drama and flair.

photo by Shane Young

As if those pictures of Ruby weren’t precious enough, Shane got this one on the way back that same evening.
Lesson learned: I miss out on a lot of good pictures when I’m grumpy about the snow and cold. Today Ruby and I will go outside and play, and I’ll bring the camera.

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One Comment on “Snow day!”

  1. Michael Willscher Zammuto January 18, 2011 at 13:36 #

    So I figured it out. Theres a trade off we all decide to make. Cold winters, and nice mild summers…. Or mild winters, with extremely hot summers. I think the choice gets made somewhere between the 35-40 degree latitude lines. Im a fan of long daylight hours, summers, and putting up with a little wintryweather in order to “earn the right” to have amazing summers. Im happy about the snow too today… Even though a little AZ would be awesome right now.

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