Warmer weather please!

I have been FREEZING in my basement room since sometime in November. There is no central heat, so it reminds me of spending May, June, July 2010 in South Africa in a similar lack of heating arrangement.

Enduring the unlucky trans-equatorial traveler’s “2 winters in a row” is taking it’s toll, and it’s only January. I can still count on another two months of darkness and “highs in the low 30s.” From now on I need to fashion a travel schedule that goes something more like: “Australia– January through March, then Alaska, June through August,” rather than my most recent genius plan: “Cape Town May – July, followed by winter in Virginia.”

I’ve pretty much had it. My virtually invisible tan lines are from summer 2009, not summer 2010, seeing as I didn’t have a summer. Usually I can be a little more mature about it and endure the winter with some dignity. I generally “celebrate” the season of dying plants and hibernating animals by painting my nails a dark red (almost black) to embrace the darkness, or to mix things up a bit, I might paint them a drab beige to match the suburban snow after it has been territorially marked by the neighborhood dogs.

So I drew the line with an adamant display of insubordination against Mother Nature. As I painted my nails a vivacious mango melon flamingo pink, the words “wishful thinking” popped briefly into my head. While slathering coconut body lotion head to toe, the word “denial” flashed across my inner eye as I said to myself, “two more months of shivering and darkness is really nothing…”

To stick it further to Mother Nature’s evil plot to keep us all in winter mode, I spent quite a while trying to trick myself into experiencing sensations of warmer weather. I looked through my pictures from my 256 days of living in the car and on the road.

This one, taken of me on the Grand Canyon’s south rim, did the trick for making me forget for a moment that I’m now sitting here under a blanket with my wool hat’s earflaps securely fastened below my chin:

The next picture was taken, I believe the next day at the bottom of the canyon. It brings to mind that warm-weather feeling you get when you’ve been hiking for hours and have that tremendous thirst that builds up. The thirst comes not just from the heat, but also from the hours of hiking and walking and hopping and leaping. This picture showcases that amazing moment when you start chugging that water. You somehow gulp in one slurp the amount of water you might drink on an average day of your life at room temperature with a normal amount of physical exertion:

One of the highlights of our 256-day trip was our 3.5 week stay at Slab City in Niland, CA. It was between 80 and 85 degrees each day. In this picture of our campsite that reminds me of warmer weather, Ruby has had enough sun, and so she sits on her Princess Ruby throne under some palm fronds. Shane similarly sits under his own canopy that he has made for himself out of our tapestry.

campsite at Slab City, Niland, CA

Looking forward to warmer days…

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